44 Days Until the World Cup

27 04 2010

It seemed like everyone was writing about Charlie Davies yesterday … including me. The guy is a beast. One thing I left out from the column was how I would like to see this intangible of his, this desire, translate onto the field. Davies really really wants to play in South Africa. Not that the other guys don’t, but no one is working harder that he is to get there. I hope he makes the team because he’s so much fun to watch. Anyways. You can read the story below or click here or go to a news rack near you. Only 44 more days!

From near death to the World Cup
By Julio Lara, Daily Journal Staff
Six months ago, United States forward Charlie Davies almost died.

The talented, energizing, up-and-coming U.S. striker was involved in a car accident that took the life of another and left the tibia, fibula and femur in his right leg fractured. His elbow, nose and eye socket were broken as well.

World Cup 2010? How about we start at just being able to walk properly again.

Yes, a part of any U.S soccer fan quickly thought about the June 11 date and selfishly saw their hopes vanish of seeing a streaking Davies dashing to the goal for a score. But just as quickly, we all prayed for the 23 year-old young man to fully recover and get on with his life with or without soccer.

Apparently Davies had bigger plans.

A couple of days ago, Davies announced via Twitter that he had some big news and Monday came word from the striker that he’s been cleared to resume full training with FC Sochaux marking another huge step in his amazing recovery.

“I’ve resumed full training with my club!!” Davies said via Twitter. “It’s about time (and) it feels great! My speed is getting there too! Today was a good day! God Bless.”

Davies’ recovery is truly remarkable given the extent of his injuries. He’s known all along it would be, and still is, a long shot for him to make the U.S squad that will play in Soth Africa. But the odds haven’t kept him from doing everything he can to make sure he at least gets a chance to show head coach Bob Bradley what he can do post-accident.

Davies defines what the human spirit is all about and you can’t help but root for the guy to at least get a shot in training camp. Bradley will announce the 30-man camp roster by May 11. From there, he’ll have to narrow it down to 23 when World Cup rosters are due June 1.

I’d love to see Davies make the team. There’s something about his recovery that is very uplifting. He knows he acted stupidly the night of his accident when he broke curfew and therefore left himself susceptible to the accident. But he says he’s learned from it.

I believe his teammates and all the fans are rooting for Davies to make the team, so it’ll be interesting to see how Bradley plays this. We’ve all seen what he can do on the pitch — his play during the Confederations Cup is what got U.S fans salivating.

But unfortunately, that’s all we have.

Souchaux has three matches remaining on their league schedule and team president Alexandre Lacombe has already announced that Davies will not see any playing time in the closing games. If that’s the case, has Bradley seen enough in Davies’ recovery to warrant a spot on the U.S team?

The real question is, has Bradley seen enough from the other potential U.S. forwards not to give Davies a chance?

Jozy Altidore is as close to a lock for the United States as there is despite his struggles with Hull City — he’s making more headlines for his recent head-butt and red card during a 1-0 loss to Sunderland’s than for his play this season. Houston Dynamo’s Brian Ching is still nursing a hamstring injury and hasn’t seen action since April 1. Eddie Johnson has fallen off the face of the Earth.

The forward making the most noise in the weeks leading up to the World Cup? Herculez Gomez, the Puebla striker who locked up a share of the Golden Boot by leading Mexico’s Primera Division in scoring. His stock has definitely risen, but he’s never really been considered a real player in the formation of the United States squad.

So to say that the U.S isn’t bursting at the seams with forwards would not be far-fetched.

The fact that Davies is still in the South Africa conversation speaks to his potential on the field and the lack of proven fire power up front for the United States.

Regardless if Davies makes it to the World Cup or not, his story truly is amazing — one that speaks more about the will of a man then the game of soccer.




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1 05 2010
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