World Cup & The Daily Journal

26 06 2010

With the round of 16 set for play tomorrow (more like today now), I wanted to post my bracket. If you followed my column/countdown for the Daily Journal you can see what my ‘expertise’ wasn’t very expert at all. In fact, it was downright pitiful. Anyways. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now since I’m the unofficial World Cup/soccer guy at the newspaper (although Nathan Mollat, my sports editor, is pretty crackin’ too). I found this to be a great opportunity to try and get some solid graphic work in. I’ll be writing about my earlier work as I have the time (which should be soon) but you can find it here. That in itself was quite a project given the responsibility, but it was a lot of fun I must say.

 As the Cup progressed I wanted to put together a   bracket for our readers so they can continue to follow the World Cup with our newspaper. Here   it is (click for a larger view) I liked the final product. If anything because it’s slightly different than what I normally do. Good sports graphics, I’ve noticed, have graphs, information, pie charts. And as much as I would love to do that, I just don’t have the time here at work with the other graphic work I do. Anyways. I  liked it for the bottom, where I run down the past  ten winners as well as predict who will win the 2010 World Cup. I used the illustration of McWendell again to give the graphic some tie back to the original work we did to kick off the Cup. Anyways, like I said, I’ll be talking about that some other day.

A quick rundown/thoughts of my picks:

• I actually like the United States to beat Ghana without Michael Essien in the midfield. Then I think they have what it takes to beat Uruguay who I see having problems with South Korea, but having a Forlan goal in them
to take that game.
• What a game that Netherlands vs. Brazil match-up would be, don’t you think? Attacking football by Brazil and the possession/counterattack style of the Dutch. The addition of Arjen Robben (even in the last 10 minutes against Cameroon) was huge. I think if they can get past Brazil, they have a great chance of winning it all. As you can see, I’m taking them to do just that.
• Mexico, Mexico. They’ve been playing really well. But I think Argentina hasn’t shown us their best yet. I think they turn it on during the knock-out phase. Can you believe Messi and Higuian are only in their mid-20’s? That’s scary stuff.
• Spain looked decent at last against Chile, who had been playing well leading up to their 2-1 loss. It’s time to pick it up Furia.
• Germany vs. England: I think the red coats get exposed in this game. But if they manage to win I can totally see them making the semi-finals. That’s a big IF though.




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