Earthquakes sleepy against Seattle

3 08 2010

It’s been a while … a long while, BUT I’VE BEEN BUSY!

Anyways, posting my story from this weekend’s game against Seattle. Bad loss, ugly loss, for your San Jose Earthquakes.

Sleepy against Seattle
By Julio Lara Daily Journal Staff
Seldom will a team play a “must-win” game in the middle of their season.
But often there are games that a team will look back on at season’s end as a turning point — good or bad. 

The San Jose Earthquakes had such a game Saturday night, and looked flat against the Seattle Sounders, this after playing some inspired soccer against the western conference leading L.A Galaxy a little more than a week before, dropping a 1-0 decision to the visitors.

The loss keeps the Quakes at 23 points with 14 games left to play — Seattle jumps their west rivals in the points standings with 25.

“I thought it was our worst performance this season, definitely,” said Earthquakes head coach Frank Yallop. “From the opening whistle we didn’t seem to have a real idea and some scrappiness. And it was, really disappointing.”

The Sounders, who came in having played three more games than the Quakes, looked like the team in need of the three points. From the on-set of play they came out and attacked the Quakes, leaving San Jose to react and counter an aggressive Seattle team — it’s a style that Yallop acknowledged does not suit the Earthquakes well, especially at home.

“We just didn’t move the ball quickly,” Yallop said. “We were reacting to everything rather than anticipating. There’s a big difference there. You got to anticipate and be on the move and read plays rather than wait then react to wherever the ball goes. It’s too late. We were very static and on our heels most of the game.”

Seattle pressured the Quakes from the start of the match but maybe the moment of the game came early for San Jose when Cornell Glen was one-on-one against Seattle keeper Kasey Keller on the left side of the 18 but came up short on a shot hit right at him. San Jose didn’t know it at the time, but it would turn out to be their best chance to score.

The Sounders looked like the superior side throughout and their frequent knocking of the San Jose goal netted them the lead in the 26th minute when Fredy Montero smoothly headed in a Sanna Nyassi cross for the only score of the match. Earthquakes keeper Jon Busch was no match for Montero’s header as the midfielder made a run down the heart of the San Jose defense and struck the ball with no opposition. It was one of those goals that looked too easy.

To Busch’s credit the San Jose keeper was the man of the match for his team. Seattle had seven shots on goal for the game — many of which Busch had to fantastically push to the side to prevent the match from getting out of reach.

Still, it was like Yallop said — San Jose had no answer for the Seattle defense or midfield in the first half.

Substitutions in the second half looked to solidify San Jose a bit. Up top Ryan Johnson replaced an absent Scott Sealy and in the midfield Arturo Alvarez came and netted the Earthquakes with a couple of opportunities. Chris Wondolowski, who came into the match leading San Jose with six goals, was brought on in the 74th minute as well.

But it was to no avail. The Quakes did have some chances late, most noticeably on a right-footed shot by Bobby Convey that sailed a little high.

“Tonight we didn’t do anything well really,” Yallop said. “It’s a massive game for us (and) we just laid down and died to be honest,” he said.



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