Camila Sells Out The Fillmore

8 08 2010

I had the opportunity to check out the Mexican band, turned supergroup, Camila, this weekend at the Fillmore at San Francisco. It was a great show. Below is the review I filed for the Journal. I’ll update it with a link later (oh, and there’s a terrible bit of video at the end of the review).


Camila leaves their mark on the Bay Area
By Julio Lara, Daily Journal Staff

 Having already conquered Latin America, the Mexican soft rock group Camila has now turned their attention to the United States. And with the initial success of their latest tour, including a recent sold out show at the Fillmore in San Francisco, it’s safe to say that their goal might be an obtainable one.

Latin groups are hard to gauge accurately — success in foreign markets doesn’t always render popularity in the United States.

But an electric, sold-out show at a historic venue like the Fillmore translates into a victory in any language.

It was no doubt the hottest ticket in town — tickets at the box office window were gone five minutes after it opened and scalpers were pocketing 3-to-4 times the face value for a chance to see Camila, who was in promotion of their latest album “Dejarte de Amar (Stop loving you),” which has since gone platinum in the United States.

Inside, the eruption of the crowd to the opening number “Mientes (You lie)” was deafening and it was only a pre-cursor to an evening full of vocal explosions by the predominately female fans of the Mexican trio, who seemed energized the band with the vocal accompaniment of Camila’s songs yelled out at the top of their lungs.

Supported by a six-member band that included a quartet of string musicians, the group treated fans new and old. For the casual fan there was all six of their No. 1 hits like “Abrazame (Embrace me)” and “Collectionista de canciones (Song collector).”

And for those who have been with the band since their birth, there were renditions of “Tocando Fondo (Hitting bottom),” and “Solo para ti (Only for you).”

Camila’s success and the source of their strength is tied to their vocal ability. Their harmonic melody and the perfect fusion of Mario Domm’s alto with the low timbre of Samo is a combination that has turned into musical gold for Camila.

And in a live setting the pairing of their voices did not disappoint. While Samo had his moments, Domm’s power and effortlessness with his voice is a marvel and it carried the group through their 90-minute set. Domm is truly a once-in-a-generation musician and artist.

If concerts can be measured in electric, almost magical moments, then Camila undoubtedly tore the roof off the Fillmore. The San Francisco Bay Area will welcome them back for years to come.




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