Posey in Sports Illustrated

22 09 2010

You don’t think the rest of the league is noticing Bustey Posey? Check out what came in the mail today inside of my Sports Illustrated (click for a larger view).

Photograph is by Brad Mangin and the story is by Ann Killion (who you should know from her time in the Bay Area).

I will confess, I’m a skeptic when it comes to baseball phenoms. I love them, and god knows I love Posey for what he’s done. I’ve been following his play since his time at Florida State (Go Noles!) and when he was drafted by the Giants, I was thrilled.
But, I tend to be cautious when it comes to my affinity for rookies who come up and are strong in year one. I’ve seen it before, numerous times, guys who blow up in their rookie campaigns and then fade. Giants fans, you don’t have to go much further than Pablo Sandoval to find a great example of how damaging the combination of a great rookie year, plus the media/marketing of a player, can have on a talent.
Shoot, Sandoval couldn’t handle it. He’s hitting .260.
So, why will Buster Posey be different? Read Killion’s story. It’s great.
That’s it from me today. As a fan, I hope he wins ROY — if the Giants make the ‘smlayoffs’ I don’t see how he can’t.




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4 10 2010
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[…] our treatment. Picture one is of him taking his lap after the game and picture two is him greeting Buster Posey after the ROY hit his homerun in the 8th. Some of the highlights (for me) from the other papers […]

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