Clinching the NL West — Monday

4 10 2010

It’s a big news days for the Bay Area with the Giants clinching the NL West and everything. So, to take a page out of the Charles Apple book of blogging, below are how some of the area’s newspapers played this story on A1. Images are courtesy of the great and mighty Newseum. Apparently, you have to right click and select “view image” for a larger view. Lame-o, WordPress.

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The first slide is my newspaper — designed by Bill Silverfarb who runs our skeleton crew on Sundays. Pictures are by Andrew Scheiner. It isn’t often we only run two stories on A1, but I guess we made an exception for the Giants. I love how you get a double dose of Pablo Sandoval in our treatment. Picture one is of him taking his lap after the game and picture two is him greeting Buster Posey after the ROY hit his homerun in the 8th. Some of the highlights (for me) from the other papers include:

The San Francisco Chronicle killed it with my favorite shot of all the newspapers and their infographic on the bottom part of their treatment.

How super sick is that? Major major jealous points. The graphic is credited to John Blanchard.

The photo used by the Examiner was great too — the best part though is the sea of orange in the background. I loved that. It’s not credited to anyone, but it’s a great shot. I could have done without the headline inside of the photo, but the calendar type of thing of the photo was a nice touch and therefore, took the place of the headline.

The battle of the sky boxes goes to the the Santa Cruz Sentinel. While I like the picture of Pablo Sandoval hugging fellow Latino brother Andres Torres, The Sentinel does a great job too and wins with the headline of the day (kind of headline) “One Giant Leap” with the accompanying photo. That’s great stuff.

Exciting times for designers everywhere with this kind of news. Good job all the way around everyone! Major jealous points all the way around.




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