Beau Nichols — Athlete of the Week

12 10 2010

Beau Nichols of Menlo School went off for five touchdowns in a game against Half Moon Bay. FIVE TOUCHDOWNS! Good stuff, Beau. Below you will find an excerpt of the story that ran in today’s Daily Journal.

Menlo’s ‘Super back’
By Nathan Mollat, Daily Journal Staff

The football evolution at the high school and college levels has been the implementation of the spread offense — which stretches defenses both vertically and horizontally and enables the offense to attack them where they aren’t.

Back in the day, however, it was known as the “run and shoot,” which seems to have a negative connotation now, with implications that it is a pass-happy offense and running the ball is just a way to keep defenses from concentrating solely on the pass game.

Menlo School, which runs the run-and-shoot, tries for a balance of run and pass. So while the Knights quarterbacks have garnered much of the attention the last several years, the running backs toil in relative obscurity.

Until one has a five-touchdown performance. That’s precisely what Menlo running back Beau Nichols accomplished in the Knights’ 40-22 win over Half Moon Bay Friday night. Nichols scored four touchdowns on the ground and added a fifth through the air as he finished with over 250 yards of total offense.

For his efforts, Nichols is this week’s Daily Journal Athlete of the Week.

Read the rest of Nathan Mollat’s story here.




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