San Francisco Giants — NLCS Preview

16 10 2010

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The latest piece of work to come out of my computer is an infographic for the start of today’s National League Championship series. I knew I wanted to do something that revolved around the pitching in the series, which is of course what everyone who follows baseball is keying on. 

Yeah, and I’ve seen this poker concept done before and always thought that it was cool and when the time came I wanted to do an interpretation of my own. But my focus was on the cards, the Aces. Interestingly enough, they became less prominent as individual pieces as the graphic came together, but it was still important to me to have decent detail in them. Originally, the idea was to do something smaller, about four inches shorter, and then a larger infographic for the inside, but space is always  the enemy. So, it went from that, to just a small front, to what you see. 

Negotiating to add the extra four inches allowed me to add the infographic stuff on the bottom — I thought the stuff with the ballparks and the bar graph really added a nice touch. At the last moment, I decided to add the cards on the schedule. Originally, it was just white type. Anyways, I’m proud of what I produced in the amount of time I had.

As far as the series and a prediction: I’m not allowed to say. Enjoy the games!




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