Rivalry Weekend —

12 11 2010

Here’s the latest piece of work to come off the Production Artist desk — Once a year football teams in San Mateo County get together for rivalry week. It’s a different kind of atmosphere during this week in particular because some of these school have genuine hatred for each other. Well, maybe not hatred, but these schools take their rivalries seriously.  The last couple of years I’ve had the chance to put something together.

Last year, we made something for the front page of the Sports section, and we made a map showing where the rivalry games were played throughout the county. You can find that here. This year, I was asked to expand on that map concept and being the ambitious person that I am (I got the ‘go’ on Monday, so time was an issue again) I decided to fit as much as I could six columns across and eight inches down. What you see below is the final product — I got to say, I’m please considering the time and resources.


Obviously the most dominating element is the map — it’s supposed to be a rough cut out of San Mateo County — I originally different texture inside the map, but changed that completely. It was still important to me for you to get the idea of a football field and I got lucky in finding a decent texture and changing the perspective of it.  

Next up where the capsules for each of the games. I didn’t have too much to work with here — there just wasn’t enough time to gather tons of information. But that turned out to be a good thing seeing as though last year’s results were plenty. The game of the weekend will be the Sequoia vs. Carlmont match-up, which will decide the winner of the Lake Division. I decided to highlight that specific game with a longer capsule. 


Lastly, the timeline on the bottom of the graphic. This actually happened in the 11th hour. When Nathan Mollat, uber Sports Editor of the Daily Journal, and I found out the amount of space we were going to have for the graphic, we saw we had another inch and a half to play with to fill up the space. So I went back home Thursday night and brainstormed. Again, I didn’t have a ton of info so I had to get rather creative. The Little Big Game is probably the funnest of all the rivalry games this weekend and the game the Daily Journal archives had the most information on. Hence, that is where the timeline came from.




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