Buster Posey wins Rookie of the Year — 

16 11 2010

It’s always nice to be featured on Newspagedesigner at snd.org. The Society for News Design is awesome — if I had the cash, I’d fly myself to St. Louis next year for their conference. As it stands, http://npd.snd.org is a great resources, full of great ideas you can use to create something for your newspaper as well as salivate and curse at other designers that are way out of your league (I’m looking at you, Sam Manchester!).

As if there was any doubt — well, at least not here, on the West Coast. Congratulations to Buster Posey winning the Rookie of the Year award in the National League. The honor is well deserved. I’ve been thinking of ideas for a couple of days now, anticipating that Posey would win the award — when he did win, it was only about adding some finishing touches. Kind of convenient. The lesson? It’s OK to prepare for the best.

Full discretion: the original was actually built in black and white (grayscale) because of where it landed on our pages. But I colored it up like I would have liked to have seen it made. It’s missing the copy on the right hand side, hence the big gap in space. Maybe I’ll post it with the actual copy in it later.




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