Athletes of the Fall — Daily Journal

21 12 2010

The first of the Daily Journal Athletes of the Fall were announced today, officially marking the end of the fall season here at the newspaper. This is the third time I’ve designed something to mark this occasion and, as with most things that require the selection of a handful of athletes, I like to come up with (clever?) themes for the run of articles.

Two years ago we did a superhero theme, which came out fairly well. Last year we did movie posters — some of which you can find by heading over to the “DESIGNS” tab. This year, I decided, rather crazily, to do action figures. Here’s the artwork for the front page —

Festive, no? What follows the next couple of days are the actual features. It’s a lot of work to put these together, but the reaction we get from parents is great, so it makes it worth it. Plus, I’ve been told I have to get into the Christmas spirit a little more. Anyway, sports editor Nathan Mollat wrote up his column as an intro to this year’s selections. Here’s an excerpt —

By Nathan Mollat

Just in time for Christmas, the Daily Journal presents its annual Fall Athletes of the Year awards, beginning today and running through the weekend.

While most awards — the Grammys, Emmys and Oscars — are presented in the new year for previous year’s work, the Fall Athletes of the Year are presented mere weeks after the final games of the high school sports season are played, while their performances are still fresh in the public’s mind.

These decisions, however, are not made during the time between the end of the season and the unveiling. I constantly have it in the back of my mind as I watch games and take results over the phone. The decision is culled from a season’s worth of research — whether direct or indirect.

Some of the decisions jump right out at you, while others take time to flesh out.

You can read the rest of his column here. OK, so, enjoy the stuff, peeps.




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