Athlete of the Fall — Football

22 12 2010

The Daily Journal Football Player of 2010 is Dominic Sena — here’s how we commemorated that today. Congratulations to the Half Moon Bay running back, who capped off an incredible career as a Cougar. What makes his accomplishment that much more remarkable is that he was a back-up up until last year, running behind another great Cougar back in Nik France. Way to go, playa.

Not half bad if you ask me. Before you judge, let it be known that there are several hurdles to overcome with a concept like this. Not the least of which is the source material. All you have to know is that the lighting in Half Moon Bay is terrible, so when you’re taking pictures, you aren’t left with too much you can use — which makes it all that more difficult when you decide to design something. Here is the original photo —

I gotta say, I don’t usually give myself props, but I will with his one. I’ll give a better rundown of the process at a different date (maybe the weekend). Until then, here’s a bit of the story that ran with this, actually, you can read that on the graphic — so, how about some from the jump page … yeah, that’ll work —

… the varsity team as a sophomore. Because of the presence of France and Dunne, Sena did not have to be the focal point, although he clearly became a No. 1 option as early as his junior season, when he led the team in carries.

“Even his sophomore year, he had that one-strike capability,” Ballard said of Sena’s ability to score any time he touched the ball. “You might stop him for one or two plays, but that one mistake he might pop for a touchdown.”

Making Sena’s season all the more impressive is the fact that he is not the biggest back in the world. At 5-foot-7 and 175 pounds, one would think Sena would be ripe for a pounding. But his dedication in the weight room to be as strong as possible helped make up for his size, as did the fact he seldom took the full brunt of a tackle. Sena’s goal was to never let a defender get a clean, square hit on him.

That caused quite a dilemma for defenses because Sena was a human pinball on the field. It was not uncommon to see Sena burst through the line of scrimmage, run over a defender and then bounce off a couple more before being brought down.

“He has an incredible work ethic,” Ballard said. “He’s the strongest player on our team — by far — in almost every category.

“He’s really compact and what he really worked on was finishing runs. He can be just as effective as a big back.”

You can read the rest of it here. See you tomorrow for Girls Volleyball.




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