So long 2010 … you were AWESOME pt. 2

30 12 2010

Yesterday I went through 2010 Awesomeness 10 thru 6, today, on the verge of ending the year, we look at the top moments of the year for me. We ended yesterday’s recap with the music, so, to follow on that tip a little, we have No. 5

5. Jay-Z in San Jose

Out of all the music I got to cover in 2010, my favorite was the Jay-Z concert in March. I had heard about how poor Jigga is live, but you know what, the fact is, as a fan of hip-hop for a while, Jay has always been my favorite rapper. I wrote a piece that unfortunately didn’t make it onto print, but that didn’t matter — to see him perform all his hits (Big Pimpin’ was my anthem [stupidly] for a long time) was a dream come true. Picture above is courtesy of Matt Maniego of OneTime Inc. who has a great blog, and was around for most of my musical endeavors this year. Thanks, Bro.

4. USA vs. Algeria — 2010 FIFA World Cup

As I mentioned before, the entire World Cup was phenomenal, but following the USA during their run in 2010 was special for me. Starting with their draw with England on the heels of finishing the Giants 5k run with my girl Heather and her man Chris, to their incredible comeback against Slovenia, to their pulsating loss to Ghana — it was all amazing. But it was this game in particular, that exact moment when Landon Donovan put the ball into the back of the net, that stands out in my mind. What a great, adrenaline-overflowed moment. Re-live the goal here (courtesy of Will Brinson and his TwitVid).

3. Giants win the National League Pennant

The San Francisco Giants (and their success in 2010) are the reason why this year will go down as one of the best of all-time for me. Obviously, the No. 3 moment on this recap will be outdone, but in general, this day was terrific. I got to spend it with great friends, (hung out with a love in Melissa Amato and we tore through the Redwood City Oktoberfest where we knocked out about five steins of beer, heard some polka, caught up on some times and most importantly, beat the rain!) and the electricity that flowed through BJ’s restaurant in San Bruno was phenomenal/sensational/other four syllable words. I was fortunate enough to catch the game-winning moment on the flip cam and posted it on Youtube where it’s gotten about 6,000 hits — so I’m sure the win was extra special for a lot of people in 2010. At the time I thought it didn’t get better than that moment, but I guess I was wrong. Really really wrong.

2. Netherlands beats Brazil — 2010 FIFA World Cup

Huh? Really? A World Cup quarterfinal match is No. 2? Yes.

Let me set the scene for you — I get to Martin Macks in San Francisco’s Haight District decked out in Orange … my jersey, pants, my face is painted (shout out to the Ultimate Warrior). As we’re waiting for the doors to open a little past 6:00 a.m, a Brazil fan smiles at me and says “You’re a brave guy, coming here like that.” No, I think, more like stupid. Martin Macks was packed the entire tournament with Brazil fans and this game was no exception — in a sea of yellow, a 6’2, 270 pound man stood out like a sore, orange thumb. Boy, did my Oranje shock the world or what? My uniqueness in that environment made it all the more special.

When the whistle sounded marking the end of the 2-1 upset, I was just as shocked as anyone there. I was elated beyond any comprehension. My team, the Dutch, had just upset the best team in the world. Granted, they went on to lose in the Final against a super Spain squad, but the entire run of my Dutch was awesome. I loved every second. And of all the games, this one in particular stands out as tops in 2010.

1. San Francisco Giants win the World Series

One day, maybe when I’m old and gray … or maybe when they win another one … who knows … but one day I think I’ll be able to put into words what it was like at that exact moment when Brian Wilson struck out Nelson Cruz in Game 5 of the 2010 World Series. One day. When I invent a new language or something. But for the sakes of this recap, the picture of Michael Arce and myself sharing an embrace should be worth more than anything I can ever offer. Just, wow. One day, I promise. When I’m ready.

So long 2010. You were awesome. Thanks a gazillion for the memories.




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30 12 2010

I like how you’ve highlighted the good out of 2010. Honestly, there’s good that comes out of every year. I get really dissappointed when people complain about the year, wishing that then could step into the new year (like a new year really makes any difference). Cheers!

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30 12 2010
So long 2010 … you were AWESOME pt. 2 « Oh My July! | Today Headlines

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