San Mateo’s Big Win —

4 02 2011

A couple of weeks ago when I posted this story, I got an email from a Mr. Coyle. He told me he loved the story (cool), BUT that I had misspelled his daughter’s last name, Danielle COYLE, who happened to be one of the stars of the game defensively. I DID WHAT!?! Ay! I hate when I do that. I work pretty hard to not screw up names, but sometimes it’s inevitable with all the copy we produce at the Daily Journal. Anyway, I covered San Mateo’s latest win, a 1-0 victory over Woodside, and I got a chance to apologize to Danielle, or DOYLE, as she’s been called the last couple of weeks … all because of me. Danielle is a hell of a soccer player and a hell of a sport. One last time though, for chuckles …

Little laugh, for myself. OK. Another part of Mr. Coyle’s email said something to the degree of, “hey, how about focusing a little more on this San Mateo defense? They’ve been playing really good etc. etc.” Well, it turns out Mr. Coyle was right — San Mateo, with Danielle Coyle leading the charge, turned in another great performance. Here’s an excerpt from the story filed last night. The picture is actually of DOYLE (laughs) taken by Nathan Mollat, my boss.

Bounce goes Bearcats’ way
By Julio Lara, Daily Journal Staff

Thursday’s girls soccer matchup between the top two teams in the Peninsula Athletic League’s Bay Division brought with it the potential for some offensive fireworks as both teams feature a deadly striker.

But San Mateo’s latest win, a 1-0 victory, was brought to you by the letter D — as in defense.

The Bearcats (8-1-1) took advantage of a fortunate bounce, an own goal in the 20th minute, and held Woodside’s Taylor Duffner in check throughout the contest to come away with the huge win over the visiting Wildcats (6-3-1).

“Obviously, we would have liked to pass the ball around a little more and control the game,” said San Mateo head coach Daire O’Connor. “But it just a direct game from both sides. Our defense held up really well and then, they just did the work. They conditioned well, we kind of got numbers behind them a little, just to frustrate Woodside and we were kind of looking for that counterattack goal. It was a good, evenly fought contest. The work rate from the entire team was really impressive.”

Impressive indeed. While San Mateo’s Katelyn Turtletaub has (deservedly) captured the majority of the headlines this season for the front-running Bearcats, it’s been the rock-solid defensive play of the back line that has been the true star.

The fearsome foursome proved on Thursday that there might not be a better group in all of San Mateo County.

“The thing is, we just work so well together,” said defender Danielle Coyle, who anchored another superb effort for the Bearcats back line. “We’ve been playing together pretty much since freshman year, we just gel.”

Coyle is the heart of the San Mateo defense, but she’s not alone — Jennifer Ticzon was excellent from the sweeper position and flanking them on Thursday were Kim Lu and Stephanie Lee. O’Connor also highlighted the play of his goalkeeper, Karyn Jacobs.

Read the rest of the story here.

Lots of post coming this weekend — stay tuned.




4 responses

4 02 2011
Theresa T

Great job, Juilo. I really enjoy your articles. This one made me laugh.

4 02 2011

@Theresa — thanks. It was a pleasure chatting with you 🙂 We’ll see ya again out on the field … don’t forget to say hi!

4 02 2011
Theresa T

I think I short changed you in replying to your question on how Katie was feeling after the big game. I only mentioned the torn knee bc that was her immediate pain. Two days later she had “frozen shoulder” and couldn’t move her arm/shoulder. She was actually scared which is unusual. Her ankle was black & blue and I wasn’t able to see the bones in her ankle for at least two weeks. It still gives me the willies. Also, her entire leg, from the knee down, was blue and yellow.

She was able to work out her frozen shoulder the next week playing the dance game on kinnect. Isn’t that funny?

4 02 2011

Kinnect is a blast.

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