Super Bowl XLV — 

5 02 2011

Yup, we love our football at the Daily Journal. And there is no bigger football game than the Super Bowl. Below is the look at several hours of work and planning, designing, cutting out, etc. as we were able to pull off another Super Bowl section. Ironically enough, the first time I tried putting something together was two years ago when Pittsburgh was in the Super Bowl against Seattle. THAT WENT HORRIBLY WRONG. Last year I made something smaller for Sports, page 1. Anyways, this is the almost final product — if you look closely, there is a typo or two in there we caught before press … one or two that we didn’t. Haha.

I pitched an idea for the Super Bowl right when the playoffs began. As with any idea that is big at a newspaper our size, it’ll have legs or not depending on the buzz we can generate with local business and advertising. As a writer and designer, there isn’t a better place to work. Jon Mays, editor in chief at the Daily Journal, and Nathan Mollat, sports editor, have always been open and supportive of any GOOD idea I’ve had. This time was no different. So I got to doodling and this is what the original sketches looked like.

I ran the idea by Jerry Lee, our publisher, as well because he’s the done that pays all the bills. Again, support up and down the process which is why I love working at the Daily Journal. But money talks, and after crunching some numbers, the four page idea was trimmed to about a page and a half. When I knew roughly what I was going to be working with, I got to work. I was told by Nathan to put something smaller together for the front of sports which would tease the spread inside.

But after showing some early versions of the design to Jon, he asked for A1 artwork. Of course I can do that. School work? Forget about it! LOL. I went from scrapping the idea of the helicopter (yeah, that’s what that’s suppose to be in the sketches) to reviving it and doing my best to making it work out. Erik Oeverndiek, page designer at the Journal, ended up putting the finishing touches on the centerpiece with a fun story on chicken wings and below is the final front page — sans the ads on the bottom which pay the bills but man, make it ugly.

Good times. Long times. Now, back to school stuff until the Athletes of the Winter. I got an idea or two up my sleeve for Blog-exclusive stuff as we wind down the winter season. Oh, Super Bowl, my prediction: Green Bay 20, Pittsburgh 19. I think the Packers defense is terribly underrated. Yes, even better than Pittsburgh. I think Green Bay wins Super Bowl number four.




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