Mmmmm … I <3 Cupcakes

18 02 2011

This is Jennifer Ticzon. The one pointing. Yeah, she looks intimidating on the soccer field (picture belongs to by the way). Jennifer is a terrific defender and apparently, a terrific pastry chef in the making. Following San Mateo’s loss to Carlmont Thursday afternoon, the San Mateo seniors were given flowers by the SM parents in lieu of their last home game. The flowers were pretty, but the real treat were the cupcakes! Who doesn’t love sweets?!?

While wandering around waiting to talk to Daire O’Connor, the SM head coach, Ticzon and her teammates offered me a cupcake. My journalistic-integrity instinct kicked in and quickly refused. But Ticzon said, “I made them myself AND I didn’t even spit in them!” Well, in that case, how can I say no?

I looked pretty awkward holding a cupcake while interviewing coach O’Connor. And while on the outside my mouth was saying no, my heart was saying “hells yeah! cupcakes!” I did however, verify that Ticzon didn’t actually spit in my cupcake by consulting with Danielle Coyle (DOYLE!!), who enthusiastically endorsed her fellow defenders sweet treats.

By the time I had pulled away from the San Mateo parking lot the cupcake was gone. Man, I’m fat.

Onto soccer news … I told you this week was going to be fun. Congratulations to Aragon for winning the PAL Bay Division title. The Dons give merit to the cliche’ of a season being a marathon and not a sprint. They started off sllooooww and in typical Aragon-fashion, turned it on at the end of their campaign. What follows is an excerpt of the story that ran today in the Daily Journal. Picture is by Nathan Mollat — who stood out in that rain for the sake of journalism. He however, did not get a cupcake 🙂

By Julio Lara
Daily Journal Staff

Even with a late-season slide, in which they went 1-2-1, the San Mateo girls’ soccer team found itself Thusday afternoon with something all teams with championship aspirations want: a chance to control their own destiny — a win against Carlmont would mean a division title for the orange and black.

But the Scots’ girls soccer team didn’t make the drive up to San Mateo to just roll over and hand the Peninsula Athletic League Bay Division title to the Bearcats. Amidst a torrential downpour that featured some moments of hail, the Scots played the ultimate spoiler, riding an early Jillian Quan goal to the 1-0 victory.

That, coupled with a 4-0 win by Aragon against Terra Nova, gives the Dons the division title and knocks the Bearcats from the spot they held for the majority of the season.

“My team is definitely a team of competitors,” said Carlmont head coach Tina Doss. “And we had some games we didn’t like the outcome of (so) they were going to fight through the whole season.”

The Scots battled and were the aggressors the entire afternoon, but it was a fortunate break in the early minutes of the game that sprung them to victory.

Read the rest of the story here.




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18 03 2011
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