Athletes of the Winter 2011 — Girls Soccer

22 03 2011

It’s that time of year, kids. The Daily Journal has announced our Athletes of the Season, Version Winter 2010/2011. This one is particularly cool for me since I had the opportunity to be a part of a very extensive, exhaustive, excruciating selection process. So this week, I’ll be posting the winners of our award, plus a little something something visual on the side put together by yours truly. Saturday or Sunday I’ll be posting a little more on the process of putting together the visuals, but for today, enjoy Day 1.


So, why did we choose Taylor? Quite honestly, selecting the girls soccer Player of the Year was the hardest one, because there we so many players that we could have picked. Taylor was a front-runner when the year began, and she never really fell out of our radar — Woodside is a good team, made great by her offensive efforts. But like I said, there were others: Kat McAuliffe from Aragon is probably the best midfielder in the county, Rachel Killigrew came on really strong at the end of the season, Katelyn Turtletaub is a warrior who missed some games at the end, Lena Mendelson from Burlingame — indeed there were a lot of girls worthy of the honor.

But Taylor stood out because there was no girls soccer player more valuable to her team. Were it not for her, her speed and skill, her pace and fitness, Woodside probably doesn’t do much scoring (which, last I heard, was important in soccer). So yes, congratulations to Taylor, who is a phenomenal player.

You can read the article, written up by Nathan Mollat, here.

Tomorrow, boys soccer.




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