Athletes of the Winter 2011 — Boys Basketball

26 03 2011

There are only two days left in our look at the best players of the Winter Season 2011. Today’s honor is bestowed upon one of the best big men I’ve seen play in my time covering prep sports.

The Daily Journal Boys Basketball Player of the Year is — Rodrigo Puliceno (Burlingame)

You can read the article I wrote on Rodrigo here.

Since my time at the Daily Journal, we’ve gone by the way of Serra High School with our Player of the Year — and with good reason too, the Padres consistently have stars on the hardwood. This year was no exception with Connor McGrath having an MVP year in the WCAL. But Rodrigo stood out for us because Burlingame was able to accomplish so much, including a school record 27 wins — an accomplishment that would have never been reached were it nor for his efforts. My honorable mentions here go out to: Connor McGrath of Serra, Matt Ennis of Woodside, James Testa of Carlmont and Bernard DeBerry of Jefferson.

Quick thing while we’re at it, Rodrigo is from Brazil, home of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. While interviewing him, I locked down his services as a guide and soccer viewing friend on my pending trip to his home land. He totally agreed. So I’m totally holding him to it.

Last day tomorrow: Wrestling.




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