WonderCon 2011 — 

4 04 2011

I mean this with the utmost respect — and part of it is me feeling like a fish out of water from the first second I stepped out of the Powell Street BART station, walking toward the Moscone center behind two caped heroes who I didn’t recognized and standing next to THE LOU FARIGNO on the corner of 4th and Howard. And another part of it is because, as a person flung into a world he has no idea about, it’s extraordinary to see so many passionate people.

So, like I said, please take no offense to this, but man, were there a bunch of nerds at WonderCon 2011!

I know I shouldn’t talk because frankly, I feel the same way about sports than all of those people at WonderCon feel about the comic book world. I’ve played dress up in the name of something I love, I’ve been up at 4:00 in the morning, gone to great lengths to show my loyalty. But even with my passion, I feel like it’s trumped by the people at WonderCon 2011. It was overwhelming to be surrounded by this, but it’s also puts things into perspective … I wish I had that kind of passion for anything in life.

So I came and went to WonderCon 2011, my first ever WonderCon, with things learned and appreciated. Just to run down a few for Oh My July!

• Lou Farigno isn’t that big of a dude. Standing next to him on the way to Moscone, it was one of those random, “uhh, is that who I think it is?” moments you have. I can’t say I’ve had many of those, so, it kind of saddens me that the one I will remember from now on revolves around Farigno. I posted it on my Facebook page and to answer Erik’s question: no, I didn’t make him angry.

• It appears to me that amidst the sea of costumes, the most common one was Captain America. I wondered why that was and couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

• I had no idea (and thanks to my boy Nick for filling me in on a lot of things), but the people who come dressed up in costumes, like storm troopers, Darth Vader, etc. seemed to be paid, and some get dressed on site and tour around the multiple comic book conventions. I’d say that’s a solid gig. Most people dressed in these elaborate costumes are super nice too — taking pictures with any and everybody. I bet they make a killing if they charged for a picture.

• I went to a forum in which the hosts discussed Batman and Red Hood and whether or not these characters suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was a very interesting forum, considering that we were applying real-world psychology to characters that don’t exist. I felt like I should have taken notes, and my boy, Nick Hasal leaned over and said he felt like he was back in class. But it was interesting stuff, honestly the most enjoyable part of my day. For the record, we concluded that Batman (the Chris Nolan one) does not have PTSD. He failed on two of the four requisites.

Greg Horn, you made a new fan in me. His stuff is amazing. I was blown away.

• Marvel vs DC Comics: Booth wise, I’ll take DC #winning

• The “Dating Goth” couple from Amazing Race was there. I concluded that they didn’t win this season’s show. If I had one $1 million I would not be at WonderCon 2011. I’d be in Mexico drinking margaritas.

• Special thanks to PrimaColor for giving me two super cool new pens. I will use them wisely.

• I got my hands on a ginormous THOR poster. If you want to buy it, comment below, I’ll sell it to you for like, $10 plus shipping.

• I didn’t have a camera, but I took some pictures of some things that caught my attention. You will find them below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, in conclusion, nerds, it was an honor to be around you. We’ll see you next year.




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