Athlete of the Week — Christian Pedro

5 04 2011

So, this is what happens when they (as in Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor) leaves me in charge. The man leaves, says, you’re in charge, don’t burn the place down and the wheels get turning. That’s what happened last night, and as I waited for the National Championship game between UConn and Butler to finish up, i decided I was going to take a gamble and try a different lay-out than what Nathan had. Just one try. And if worked, great. Well, I think it did.

The space in itself was what Nathan had alloted for the story. I just decided to go bigger and wider with the picture. It’s a technique I used a lot in college and still think it works great given a great photo — which this was (Reuters, by the way). I debated about the white box for the text, but given the black behind it and it being a 4-color black, the white type would have probably disappeared. So for legibility reasons, we stuck with the white box.

Anyways, that’s not entirely what I wanted to post. Our Athlete of the Week is a young man by the name of Christian Pedro — a long-distance runner from Aragon, who in a week managed to run 8.375 miles and make all of us look like lazy bums. Which reminds me, YOU should stop reading this and go for a light job.

Here is the story that ran in today’s Daily Journal. It’s actually on the bottom of that UConn thing.




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