Outside Lands — The Lineup

11 04 2011

UPDATE: Well, that answers my question: Foo Fighters are in Europe during these dates. Although, there is a gap where they could have flown over I guess. Yet, it’s a slew of dates across the ponds … so no can do

UPDATE: Random thoughts just by reading some of these tweets … There are happier people this year than last. The rumor mills had names like Foo Fighters and Radiohead floating around — either one of those names would have made this the best show ever. But make no mistake about it, PHISH fans will fill Golden Gate Park for sure.

I was a little disappointed not to the FF though, if I’m being honest. New album, touring, I thought maybe that was a shoe-in. Oh well. Great lineup. Can’t wait to get out there this summer.

UPDATE: Here’s your lineup for Outside Lands 2011. Couple of great surprises … and more to come they say. We’ll see. I’m glad the lineup is out early this year.

What do you guys think?

Well, the much anticipated line up for Outside Lands 2011 is about to be announced. You can follow the announcement on Twitter, Ranger Dave (the Outside Lands mascot/spokesperson) can be found at @sfoutsidelands — so yeah, today is the big day. I’ll be updating this post as soon as I hear anything and I’ll be following as well. You can follow me on Twitter too @julitolara …

Images and logos all belong to Outside Lands, I’m just using it for art. Don’t copyright infringe people, god will hate you.

It’s 8:29 … let the awesomeness begin already …

at 8:57 … ranger dave is @muse @phish @arcadefire @deadmau5 for Outside Lands. #SFOutsidelands

Looks like Phish will play two sets. The Black Keys are in. MGMT is in. Girl Talk is in.

The Decemberists … Erykah Badu … THE ROOTS …

My Latino influence this year is … JULIETA VENEGAS. I can live w/ that.

Big Boi is in the building as well.




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