Erik on honeymoon, doing some layout — 

1 06 2011

First, congratulations to the Daily Journal copy editor/page designer/best P.I.G. opponent ever, Erik Oeverndiek who found himself a super lady, Ms. Bianca Nery, and tied the knot. The wedding was super fun (except for the “getting there” part, which, by no fault of their own, took almost four hours). Congrats you love bugs.

Anyways, while they’re off enjoying their honeymoon, the staff at SMDJ plays a little musical chairs. Nathan moves into the main layout chair and yours truly gets to put together the Sports page. Here are Tuesday and Wednesday’s pages. Click for a larger view.


The high school sports season is all but over, so that means the Athletes of the Season. I’ll be busy. There is a lot of work to do, lots of articles to write, and a lot of graphics to make. Busy, busy, busy.

Yes, I did write both those stories. Read Michele Pilster’s Athlete of the Week story here. And Tony Renda is the best in the Pac-10. His story is here.




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