BFD Coverage — Meeting Vinnie from Alice 97.3

6 06 2011

We’re going to start my BFD coverage with a celebrity sighting. And the story goes like this: so the press pass for BFD (shout out to Kaari Peterson from the media relations department at the Shoreline) came with a pair of tickets to the festival. Here it is.

So, Matt and I were making out way to our seats before the start of the music at the main stage (Cage the Elephant, 6 p.m.) and as we’re settling in, I take a look behind me and see Vinnie, from the Sarah and Vinnie Morning Show on Alice 97.3. After spotting him, I couldn’t help but introduce myself.

“Hey, you’re Vinnie, right?”
“Yeah,” he sits up, with a surprised look on his face.
“Cool, I’m a big fan of your show. My name is Julio Lara, reporter for the San Mateo Daily Journal.”
“Oh, cool, thanks,” he says. “What’s your name again?” and he stands up to shake my hand.
“Julio, from the Daily Journal.”
“Nice to meet you, Julio.”

So, we chit-chatted for a little bit. Oh, and I showed him my phone and the set schedule. I told him about attending “Sarahoke” at Bimbos not too long ago and I shared with him some observations from the show. Vinnie was awesome despite the fact that he was probably freaked out by the latino guy who recognized him and bugged him about his karaoke show. Anyways, I totally was going to try and steal a picture, but he bounced right before the end of the Cage the Elephant set and didn’t return. That said, celebrity sightings are always cool.




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