BFD Coverage — The Strokes

7 06 2011

The Strokes have been to BFD before, in fact, they’re something like BFD regulars. But this was MY first time seeing them live (I missed them at Outside Lands last year and I heard they were great) and let me say, I was very impressed.

The Strokes ooze Rock n’ Roll, and it’s my opinion they might be the flyest rock band I’ve ever seen live. Throughly enjoyed their set. Here is some video from a couple of their songs (Automatic Stop and Last Night).

And then “Last Night” which is one of my all-time favorite songs.

I will say, I think they cut their set a little short. According to the schedule provided to me, they still had about eight or nine minutes left and could have played a couple more songs. But the booze in the back must have been calling. Oh, haha, there was this one fan that was having the MOST EMOTIONAL, MOST AMAZING TIME, watching The Strokes. She cried, and yelled, from the first note to the last. And then some. I think the fact The Strokes cut their set short devastated her. Anyways, she was great. And so were The Strokes. Oh yeah, also, click below.




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