BFD Coverage — Snoop D-O-Double Gizzle

7 06 2011

Snoop, Snoop-a-loop, Snoop! I mentioned in my round-up that BFD usually doesn’t do hip hop, but when they do, they bust out some great names. In 2008, it was Cypress Hill, in 2004 it was the Beastie Boys. I think they outdid themselves with Snoop though, because my man tore the house down.
(Full discretion, the video is uncensored, the man curses like, well, like a rapper).

I haven’t seen Snoop live before, but it was exactly what I expected. The man is super charismatic and can lead a crowd. It doesn’t hurt that the man is a legend. The foo did a little bit of everything. I think I wrote down the majority of his playlist.

• Who Am I?
• Pimpin’ Aint EZ
• Next Episode
• Gin and Juice

• I Wanna “Love” You
• Let’s Get High
• 187
• Nothing But A G Thang
• Ride or Die (Tupac homage)
• Aint No Fun (Nate Dogg homage)
• Sexual Seduction
• Jump Around (House of Pain homage) (Which was super sick! Shout out to Brian Wilson)
• Drop it like it’s Hot
• What’s my Name?

To sum up, Snoop Dogg equals one of the Top 10 sets I have ever witnessed. And it was great to see at Shoreline. By the way, how awesome is Shoreline as a venue? Scale of 1 to 10, it’s like a 12.




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