Enanitos Verdes y Hombres G @FillmoreSF — 

11 06 2011

As I wrote for the San Mateo Daily Journal, this was one of those ‘dream weeks’ for Rock en Español fans in the Bay Area. Not only did a Bay Area favorite and one of the most legendary band in R.I.E history (I’m looking at your Enanitos Verdes) come around again, but for the first time in San Francisco, history, los Hombres G graced a San Francisco stage.

I’m a little too young, and thus a bit behind the Rock en Español cycle to truly cherish all of Hombres G’s repertoire, but when “Devuelmeme Mi Chica” comes on in the club, it’s always a done deal. What a privilege to be at the Fillmore for this historic event. And, as you’ll read in the review (you are going to read the review, right?) the Hombres G did not disappoint. As someone whose connection is probably stronger with Los Enanitos, it was such a joy to be see the love that people have for the Hombres G. And I’m sure they felt every ounce of it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back sooner rather than later. The atmosphere at the Fillmore was unparalleled. What a terrific band and what a terrific set.

A bit from the show, although I didn’t record this, I was somewhere near the back getting trampled.

This was the only angle I could find on Youtube, but I assure you the party is the back was WAY crazier. WAY better.

And then there is Los Enanitos Verdes, who opened for the Hombres G. Oh Enanitos, what was this, our fifth concert together? Truly, I’ve lost count. But, despite all the times I hear “La Muralla” or “Luz de Dia” or ‘Tu Carcel,” I keep coming back for more. You have to hand it to Hombres G, they could not have chosen a better band to open for them at the Fillmore — Los Enanitos basically own this town. There might not be a better band out there that can ease the nerves of another who has never been to The City.

I will say this, people, PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONES! If you’re there to record the show and then post the thing on Youtube, while it’s all fun, there is something super annoying about looking out a the crowd that should be dancing their asses off but instead, are fixated on capturing the show in the iPhone. For me, it kills the performance. And if you HAVE to record it, then chill in the back, and let those that want to do dance and be crazy be just that. Anyways, Enanitos, you’re awesome.

You won’t read this in the review, but a major shout out to you, for keeping me company. And overall, the Hombres G/Enanitos Verdes experience definitely crack my Top 5 of All-Time, easily. Here is some of the review that runs in today’s edition of the Daily Journal …

By Julio Lara
Daily Journal Staff

How do you make your first appearance in San Francisco a memorable one?

Well, if you’re “Hombres G,” one of the most influential and iconic Rock en Español bands of all time, the formula is simple: one, take the Fillmore, two, hook up with another legendary band and three, roll out 29 years worth of hits in a 90-minute set — do that, and you will tear the roof off the place and leave the people of San Francisco begging you to come back soon. 

Hombres G followed that equation to the T Wednesday night, making their debut in the City by the Bay after touring through the world with their Euro-rock sound since their creation in 1982. It’s hard to believe that, after 11 studio albums, a couple of feature films and countless timeless hits, “The G Men” have never played in San Francisco. But, as the saying goes, better late than never.




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5 12 2011
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