Daily Journal Athletes of the Spring — 2011

13 06 2011

What have I been up to? Well, the end of the school year means our annual look at the Athletes of the Spring. And this year there was an added twist. Usually, Nathan and I split the write-ups down the middle while I put in the time with the graphic look we want. This time around, with Erik taking some time to enjoy the infant stages of the his marriage and Nathan backing him up with the page layout, yours truly was left with the bulk of the work. That’s right, I wrote eight of the nine stories, plus, the graphical stuff. So, basically, Sports page 1 belonged to me this last week. Here’s what I came up with (with a little extra for Tuesday’s edition which featured my work on the Front Page).




Yup, I’m pretty exhausted. But as always, these things are a lot of fun for the Athletes who put in the time during the season. And the parents are just as excited to see their kids recognized in this manner. As for the winners and their stories, well, click on the names for a link to their stories on the Daily Journal website:

Softball — Jordan RichwoodBaseball — Jake BrumlBoys Track — Chris WaschuraGirls Track — Sabrina MendozaBoys Swimming — Tom KremerGirls Swimming — Ally HoweBoys Golf — Patrick GrimesBoys Tennis — Menlo Tennis TeamBoys Badminton — Jan Banquiles … Girls Badminton — Soe Han Tha

I sort of recycled the comic book idea, as you can see. But it did have a bit of a twist (I’ve used that line twice in this post, bleh). And by the far the most difficult part was acquiring enough images to pull off all the panels. We had photos for three of the ten athletes in our archives, so on top of interviewing them all, we tried to get any images we could. Getting photos for everyone is hard task during the season, because you just don’t know who will win at season’s end. Anyway, thanks to all the parents and coaches who helped us with that.

One more feature project to go … the Daily Journal Athletes of the Year. We’ve selected our winners. Now, time to pull off a monster idea. Until then, peeps.




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