Panteon Rococo @SFFillmore — 

13 06 2011

A couple of days ago, I wrote that this was a DREAM WEEK for Rock en Español fans. Not only did they get Hombres G and Enanitos Verdes on Wednesday, but Saturday, Panteon Rococo would be at the Fillmore San Francisco as well. At the time, I had no idea how right I was. But after attending all three sets, Panteon has made me a freakin’ genius.

Three songs into Panteon Rococo’s set Saturday night at the Fillmore and I knew I was in the middle of something special, and in a weird sense, almost magical. The energy that Dr. Shenka (the lead singer) has on stage is amazing, and the Panteon fans reciprocate that affection by turning the Fillmore into the craziest, most intense, Rock en Español mosh pit I have ever seen. Actually, now that I think about it, the dance floor WAS a mosh pit for the entire 90 minute set.

I can’t say my Panteon is up to par, but the people that filled the Fillmore leave you no choice but to jump, dance and go crazy with the rest of the fans. I didn’t have the chance to write down the entire set, but rest assured, they went through all the hits: Asesinos, La Dosis Perfecta (which made the Fillmore shake), Pequeño Tratado de un Adios, Toloache pa’ mi Negra (one of my favorites), Democracia Fecal (a politically themed song the band dedicated to the most hated man in Mexico), Hoy te Vas and probably my favorite, El Demonio y La Rubia. Ninety minutes in, as part of their encore, Panteon capped off the show with La Carencia. A piece of the mosh pit is below, courtesy of Diana who enjoyed the show as well.

I’ll be posting a link to the official Julio Lara review when it goes live online tomorrow. But the moral of the story is, well, as long as the opportunity presents itself, I will never miss a Panteon show … ever.




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