Daily Journal Athlete of the Year 2011 — Karyn Jacobs

21 06 2011

Me and my crazy ideas … I swear. So, today marks the official end to the San Mateo Daily Journal athletic season. And as always, we cap it off with the Daily Journal Athletes of the Year. This year, I knew I wanted to raise the stakes a little and try to do something a little bigger that what we’ve been able to do in the past. Summers are slow, which gives us more time to plan this stuff out. But it’s still difficult with athletes having different schedules during their breaks.

Still, it was important for me to try and do something ‘cooler.’ I came up with the idea of ‘three-headed superstar,’ thinking to myself that the winners of our award are three-sport athletes. But after doodling some ideas out, I realized that, in order to accomplish this, I would have to do something a little drastic … like, flip the script completely. After choosing our athletes, I arranged a photo shoot and headed out to their gyms to take some photos. Then, after getting back to the office, it was a matter of finding a way to combine three shots into one. Here is what it looks like, without the text, laid out horizontally (click for a larger view):

Karyn was a great sport … not much of a game face though. LOL. It’s probably because she’s super nice and incapable of some of those cold, all-business stares. She tried though. Anyway, putting her graphic together was difficult, mostly because I lacked the vision to see that having her wear black in all three poses would make it hard to give the image any real ‘depth.’ It took about three or four drafts, different image combinations and arrangements to get it somewhere I liked. That was only half of the work. Then, after writing the piece, I added the copy. And for the grand finale … FLIPPED IT. Yup, we don’t do it often, because there are few things that warrant making the reader flip the newspaper over to read, but Jon Mays and Nathan Mollat let me get away with it. Anyway, below is what the world saw when they turned to page 11 today. Click for a larger view.

As with all big Julio Lara projects, they come with requests for some page one artwork. And putting together Karyn’s graphic was a piece of cake compared to this task. Without getting into too much details, since this post already has gone long, Trevor Kelly, the Male Athlete of the Year, was shot on a gray background. Karyn was shot on a yellow/biege looking background. There is no easy way to combine and superimpose those two together. I tried 27 different shortcuts, but, as I learned as a wee lad, there is no substitute for hard work. After tinkering with it for hours, below is what I came up with. I like that it stayed with my theme.

And below is what it looked like when placed on A1 with the rest of the news of the day. That spot is kind of like, the unofficial Julio spot now. It’s always nice to be on A1.

I’ll post a little more about Karyn and her selection in a bit.




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