Daily Journal Athlete of the Year — Trevor Kelly

22 06 2011

Yesterday, I showed you the graphic work that went into Karyn Jacobs and the Daily Journal Female Athlete of the Year. Today, take a peak at the Male Athlete of the Year — El Camino High School’s Trevor Kelly.

I’ll admit, Trevor pretty much saved this “three headed sports superstar” idea. Like I said in yesterday’s post, I was struggling a bit with adding true depth to Karyn’s piece. I pretty much labored my way through that one for a day or two. I decided to STOP and focus on Trevor’s graphic. The decision proved to be genius — Trevor’s piece came together quite nicely. Plus, it held the key to Karyn’s graphic. Yeah, #winning. Here’s what Trevor’s piece looked like minus the copy (click for a larger view):

And below is what it looked like for our readers when they opened up to page 11 of today’s Daily Journal. Yup, you guessed it, click on it for a larger view.

Done and done. I mean, as far as the design part goes. I’ll probably put the Photoshop away until the beginning of the Football season. But that means, more time for some other fun stuff. So, stay tuned. Please. I need the hits (LOL!).




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