Mana @StaplesCenter — Day 2

26 06 2011

So, after attending, covering and then writing about the Opening Night of Mana’s four-night stop in Los Angeles, it was time to do it all over again and attend night number two. Seem excessive? Sure, but his is Mana and these dates are historic and it’s always nice to be a part of history. So to the Staples Center we went for Mana in L.A: Night No. 2 …

There is no official review for the second night, so here are my thoughts: 
Night No. 2 of Mana’s tour stop in Los Angeles kicked Night No. 1’s ass. Honestly, I don’t think it was even close. Not that the band played any differently, or had a higher amount of intensity or joy, it was all about the crowd. Night No. 2 seemed more engaged in the show. I think a lot of it had to do with some modifications to the set list: The first two songs were the same, but then Mana went with “Piez A Cabeza,” which was a great way to keep building the fire (so to speak) and get the crowd more excited. Then they did “Manda Una Señal, which they didn’t do during night one. The change was, for lack of a better word, nice.

Mana still had issues with getting the fans to respond to their newer material. During the interlude when they played three-straight from Drama Y Luz, that lull that I wrote about in night one was still there … but to a lesser degree … more fans stayed in their seats. But it wasn’t like they were singing along, or were engaged by the lyrics. People, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THAT NEW ALBUM. IT IS TERRIFIC. 

Mana picked it back up though, and so did the crowd, after that interlude. Me Vale was on another level on this night. And, I can’t say enough good things about the acoustic set Friday night. It was Mana Magic at its best. Probably the best rendition of “Si No Te Hubieras Ido” you will EVER hear.

I still take major issues with people and and their cameras. There is nothing wrong with taking one of two shots, see, even I did it! But some fans had their cameras on THE ENTIRE TIME! What, are we shooting a Mana Concert DVD? Documentary? It’s annoying. This one guy sitting across the aisle from me had his camera on THE ENTIRE TIME! Who are you, Spielberg? Ridley Scott? The temptation to walk across, grab his camera and throw it into the crowd was I thought I seriously flirted with.

There are two things that have absolutely ruined Rock shows, Rock en Español shows. When combined, they kill almost all positivity from the show. (1) Cameras/Video capable cameras and (2) Chairs, especially on the main floor. Unfortunately, the ability to sell out four nights at Staples Center is a blessing and a curse: A blessing because YOU SELL 80,000 TICKETS! But a curse because you need to organize the seating and that means chairs on the main floor. You can’t really dance with limited leg room. And 20,000 people means 10,000 plus cameras and that means more picture taking than dancing, which is disappointing. These two things are why Mana concerts are magical, but will never come close to cracking my personal list of Top Concerts of All-Time. As my brother Max said to be after, “I would love to attend a Mana concert in a foreign country,” adding that at least one of the two things that ruin rock shows would probably be eliminated (the chairs). I agreed whole-heartedly.

Here is the playlist from the second night of Mana’s four-night tour stop in Los Angeles. I loved the modifications to it. I don’t know if the band did it because they wanted to switch it up for the second night, or if they sat down after, evaluated what worked and what didn’t. My only peeve? They didn’t do more songs from “Drama Y Luz.” The list is meant to be read from top to bottom, left to right.

• Lluvia Al Corazon          • Me Vale
• Oye Mi Amor                   • Alex Drum Solo
• Piez A Cabeza                 • Donde Jugaran Los Niños
• Dame Una Señal            • Se Me Olvido Otra Vez
• Eres Mi Religion             • Ojala Pudiera Borrarte
• Espejo                                • Si No Te Hubiera Ido
• Sor Maria                          • Vivir Sin Aire
• Paloma                               • Como Te Deseo
• Rayando El Sol                 •Dejame Entrar
• Mariposa Traicionera    • Clavado En Un Bar
• LatinoAmerica                 • Labios Compartidos (encore)
• Corazon Espinado           • Muelle De San Blas (encore)

Overall, I had a terrific time in Los Angeles and I’ve definitely learned a couple of important lessons I will use if I ever decide to go back there. The experience of covering two of Mana’s shows was everything I expected, and then some. If you have yet to read the official Julio Lara Review:

On a side note, and it’ll be the last note of this entry, I had the privilege of meeting this guy.

Who is this guy and why am I so excited? Watch the DVD from The Making of Drama Y Luz to find out. I spotted him walking up the stairs, to grab a beer probably, and immediately said hello, and thanked him for his work on the album. Awesomeness. He shook my hand and asked for my name and said, ‘thanks for the support.’ No no, thank you _______.




2 responses

27 06 2011
Anthony Zamora

Thanks for the review…I hope the tour sticks with the second nights set list… I am going to the San Antonio show..can’t wait!

13 02 2012

Great review! I must agree with you completely with people recording the whole time, whatever happened to going to a concert to enjoy it and not sitting there recording the whole time(so annoying). I am looking forward to their upcoming concert in TX.

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