Women’s World Cup @CivicCenterPlaza SF

14 07 2011

As a fan of sports, how can you not be enjoying the U.S. Women’s run through the FIFA World Cup? And not just their run, but let’s face it, the World has some pretty amazing female soccer players out there. Now, I won’t profess to being the biggest women’s soccer fan, BUT, when it’s played at a World Class level, you’d be a fool not to watch.

With the U.S. Women in the semi-final against France, and the game being at a reasonable hour, I woke up Wednesday morning and found out that, much like they did during the men’s World Cup last year, the S.F Park and Rec program was going to be showing the game on a big screen in front of City Hall. I had a super time last year and decided to grab some coffee and go.

The weather was typical San Francisco overcast, but it wasn’t too hot or too cold. San Francisco, for the most part, is almost always perfect. Anyway, the game was great, good action and I discovered some great French players (Bompastor, I’m looking at you). Getting back to work and excited over the win, I went  to work on the layout for today’s Sports page. Below is what I came up with as my homage to the Women’s World Cup continues. Go Team USA.

Below you’ll find some photos I snapped with the Android — like I said, it was fun to see people out there enjoying the beautiful game. For the record, SF Park and Rec will be showing the Final on Sunday the 17th in the same location. It’s a great spot to watch futbol. Game time is 11 a.m. … right now, it’s  a toss up between there and a place in the Haight called Martin Macks, which apparently is having a fun Women’s World Cup party as well.




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