Women’s World Cup Final — @CivicCenterSF

18 07 2011

I can’t say enough good things about San Francisco Park and Rec — they did a phenomenal job setting up the Women’s World Cup Final viewing at the Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco. And they were rewarded by a HUGE crowd and a REMARKABLE game. Frankly, I’m willing to put money that it was one of the best places, IN THE COUNTRY, to watch the final. By now you’ve seen the game and the highlights, so no use in analyzing what was such a great game. I will say, it’s the best women’s soccer game I have ever seen. I took some video with the Android. First, the reaction from the crowd as Abby Wambach scored what we thought would be the game-winning goal.

I took a lucky guess, and turned on my camcorder (sorry excuse for a …) at just the right time. You can see as a pan around that there was a ton of people. Awesome. Here’s a slideshow of some photos I snapped before the game.

And finally, I was standing behind some Japanese fans during the game. As the final PK went in, I was able to capture their reaction. My favorite part? I like the older gentleman, who fist pumps then starts shaking people’s hands and thanking them. Nice old man.




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