Outside Lands 2011 — I

17 08 2011

Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking for a couple of days about how I want to post our coverage of Outside Lands on July! … and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no clue. So, they’re all going to come boom-boom-boom as quickly as I can get them out. There is a lot I want to show you guys and technically, it’s already all out in the world. But wow, it’s still worth sharing.

Anyway, Day One was cool. I brought my brother, Matt Maniego, this year. You’ve seen his work a lot on this blog for concerts like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, BFD and so on. After picking him up, downing caffeine and landing a pretty sick parking spot (dude, are you sure we won’t get towed? This spot is too awesome. [Matt] Naw, Bro, I’m good luck), we headed inside. By the way, the picture of Ellie Goulding (and of all the artists I’ll post) are owned by Matt and come equipped with all the copyrights and tracking devices you can think of. Lift if from here, we will hunt you down and, at the very least, make you buy us some sangria. 

The goal for Day One was to file a couple of pictures before the Big Boi show, go shoot that, write a round-up of Day One and then file a review of the Big Boi set. Ambitious? Sure. But doable. Anyway, that turned out to be a bit of an epic fail because of the whole Big Boi fiasco. If you don’t know want happened, go here. Here. And here. Everyone and their mama was tweeting/hatin’ on the guy. I felt jipped. And now the plan was kind of ruined. Hey, but we got to see Dave Chapelle, who was there smoking a bunch of weed with Big Boi in the back while I froze my ass off at the Sutro Stage. Matt got some good shots. Here’s one.

But the guy didn’t even tell jokes! To which my friends said, “when you’re an artist, you don’t ever do anything for free.” Fine. OK. Erykah Badu followed that travesty and KILLED it. She was superb. Following that, it was a mad scramble to file a story and photo for the Daily Journal amidst the terrible WI FI we were getting at the Media Tent. I love Outside Lands — compared to other festivals, they treat us lowly media folks very well. But this year, the connection stunk. Still, cold as hell, Matt and I filed our stuff and I got to listen to Phish while I did it. Can’t beat that.

More to come … shoot, three days worth of festival. Awesome.




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