Outside Lands — Muse

19 08 2011

The band the majority of people came to see at Outside Lands was the one-and-only Muse. And I have to say, while I might not be the biggest Muse fan, I couldn’t help but be impressed by their set at Outside Lands.

Picture above belongs to the awesome Heather Murtagh (and do I really have to repeat myself with the whole ‘copyright’ thing?). Muse didn’t waste any time puling out the big guns. Their first song was “Uprising,” still their biggest and baddest American hit. It was one of those, “You had me at ‘hello'” moments. I was way to fixated on enjoying the set to actually record the whole thing. But I did get the bridge. What you’ll see is my view from the media tent. I had just finished doing a slew of other stuff and decided that the view was best from there.

Somewhere in that sea of people, right up against the stage, was Heather, who got the task of shooting the show for the Daily Journal. I remember her telling me earlier in the day about some of her concerns revolving around lighting, shutter speeds, etc. etc. I told her bologna, that she’d be fine. And sure enough, we got some magic. She was super excited to get some great shots. Her photo was our feature for the review I filed for Monday’s edition. Good job, Heather! Here are some thumbnails of her work; click and you’ll be transported to the magical word that is the Daily Journal Facebook page.


Muse wrapped up a long day of coverage, albeit fun coverage. We were everywhere on Day Two. One more day, a less-hectic, but equally awesome day to go.




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