Outside Lands — Julieta Venegas

20 08 2011

After two very busy days of Outside Lands, my goal for Day Three was to chill, and write. Sunday was a solo mission with Matt and Heather out with previous engagements, but my focus changed a bit. I had gotten this idea to write a story about the Latina artists at Outside Lands and their impact on the festival. Key to this was an interview I thought I had locked in with Julieta Venegas. But that changed when that face time fell though. Color me bummed. I had the other two interviews I wanted, with Ana Tijoux and Ximena Sariñana, already done … so 2-for-3 isn’t bad. I focused my attention then, on Julieta’s show. Man, I love this woman.

This picture was lifted from the Outside Lands website, where you can go and get pictures from all the artists at Outside Lands. More of Julieta in particular can be found here. 

I’ve seen Julieta twice, once in San Francisco and another in Oakland, and I loved the Oakland show a little better — mainly because she was coming off of her Unplugged album, and the changes she made to the songs were awesome. Her set at Outside Lands was good, but short. When we got there at 3:45 for the show, the road crew was still setting up. And it wasn’t like, “we’re almost done,” they were a good 45% from completion. The show started about 20 minutes behind schedule, which forced a reduction in the song list. So, no “Andar Conmigo,” #HalfFail … but still, “Limon Y Sal,” “Lento,” “Me Voy,” and some from her new album “Brindemos,” y “Tan Original.” She finished her set with “El Presente,” … I recorded that one for you guys.

That’s right, the present is all we have, folks.

You know, Julieta is the kind of artist that will not blow you away with her voice — her vocal ability is satisfactory at best. But there is something terribly likable about her that I haven’t been able to peg. Maybe it’s her lyrics, or maybe it’s the fact that she comes across as genuine. Either way, her music boiled down is by the far the best way to enjoy it — I think that’s why her Unplugged album is my favorite. That’s who Julieta Venegas is … an unplugged artist. Gotta say, I love her very much.

Show done with, it was time to head back to the media tent to finish up my stories. To my pleasure, I got there right as John Fogerty was a couple of minutes into his set. I caught the majority of it as I typed. My time at Outside Lands then came to an end after downing another Heineken. I was off to the Greek Theater to catch Adele. If you have yet to read about my experience there (which was, unreal), you can click here. 




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