Goal.com — Top 50 Footballers

22 08 2011

Yes footballers, NOT soccer players.

July! with a sports post today, after extensive music posts from a busy couple of weeks covering concerts, festivals, etc. It’s actually quite nice to get back into the sports swing of things … and believe me, we’ll be hitting it pretty hard in the next couple of weeks with FOOTBALL season around the corner. Really, really. It’s almost here. But today, we’ll going with futbol, and Goal.com’s countdown of the 50 best footballers in the world. They’ve been counting down for a while now, and as if there was any doubt who the No. 1 spot would go to. That’s right, The Messiah himself, Lionel Messi of Barcelona. I’m on record as saying that my first-born son will bare his name. LOL. Anyway, here’s the list … from 1-50.

Looks like I have A  LOT of reading to do. Educate youself, people … it’s the best sport in the world.




One response

22 08 2011

Nope.. soccer is absolutely the best sport in the world, Julio. The other football.

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