Friday Night Lights — Week One

4 09 2011

I guess y’all want some football stories?

Friday night was the kickoff to the new season — pretty much my first legit one with the San Mateo Daily Journal, and I get thrown into the deep end right out of the gates. Two games in one afternoon/night, plus pictures, plus layout of the sports section. Yeah, I was tired at night’s end. Anyways, caught two games on Friday. One today Saturday. Serra’s story isn’t done yet, that’ll come Monday, but here’s a bit from Friday’s games.


So, I see coach Jason Selli (Carlmont) after the game for an interview and I ask him, “You guys are a Lake Division team?” And he says, “Yeah.” To which I rephrased, “You guys didn’t look like a Lake Division team.” I guess that works both ways, maybe King’s didn’t look like a Bay Division team, but you have to hand it to Carlmont, the boys battled hard. First game of the season, you’re out there, you have jitters galore, it can be pretty overwhelming. Three plays in, King’s scores. BOOM. But Carlmont battled back. Still, you make too many mistakes, and the game slips away.

I caught the game with an old co-worker, Vytas of The Daily News, and we kept commenting back and forth about Joe Lasala, the Carlmont fullback. We said things like, “whoa,” and “kid is a beast,” and “I think we have a front-runner for the All-Daily News team.” I’d like to say we were exaggerating, but Lasala was that impressive Friday afternoon. The kid was everywhere. It’ll be interesting to see if he can keep up that kind of pace and intensity over the 10-game season. But if a Bay team like King’s had a hard time bringing him down, I can only imagine teams from the Lake. Long year for them for sure.


There are a lot of great little nuggets from this game, here a couple: One, James Beekley is going to make me look like a genius, provided that his knew injury isn’t a big thing. The kid has an accurate arm, great running ability, and receivers that can catch the football. Were it not for that injury in the second quarter, Sequoia would have scored 49 points, easy. I spoke to him briefly on the sideline during the game about the knee, he looked a bit concerned if you ask me. He told one of the coaches on the sideline he was having trouble straightening it out and that it was throbbing. I really hope for football’s sake he gets better … DAYUM! There were some ferocious hits in this game! I caught myself going BOOM!!! a couple of times courtesy of Josh Lauese and Jordan Veamau. Jordan in particular had a couple of hits that I’m sure hurt the player, his mama, and his grandmama. Said Lauese, ‘my boy Jordan, when he brings the wood, he brings the wood.’ No sh*t. Wow … Branham managed to pin Sequoia at the 1 yard line with a little over five minutes left to play in the first half. Which prompted me to write, ‘Beekley is driving them down for 6, just watch.’ I was right. Kind of. Beekley gets hurt 20-yards away, but Mike Taylor comes in and fulfills my prophecy. Once again, Julio is a genius.




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