Friday Night Lights — Saturday afternoon w/ Serra

5 09 2011

So, the Daily Journal poll came out not too long ago, and at the top we had Serra. Now, I put Serra at No. 1 because, it’s Serra. And Serra always has monsters at the running back position.

Apparently, 2011, they might have their biggest, baddest, super sickest monster to ever put on a Serra uniform. He’s the best I’ve ever seen (definitely top 2 or 3). His name is Erich Wilson, and he had a monster game.


Yeah, the scores looks bad, but honestly, it could have been worse. Wilson sat out at least half the 3rd and all of the 4th quarter. He scored six touchdowns, he could have easily scored eight. It’s not an exaggeration. In fact, most of the Serra First Team did. Joey Erdie was out. I think Eric Redwood might have got the ball once or twice. But that’s it. Redwood is no slouch either. As one of the best prep sports minds in the county, Tim Goode said, Serra has the two best backs in the county. Doesn’t seen fair. Here’s what I observed with Wilson (and I won’t give it all away because I have to write another story about this guy for the Athlete of the Week story we run on Tuesdays): They told us Wilson is fast, but there is speed and there is football speed. It’s like what they said about Jerry Rice — once he gets past you, there is NO ONE catching him … The guy doesn’t run, he glides, it’s so effortless for him … He’s not much of a juker, not a lot of shake-n-bake, but I have never seen any player hit a hole faster and explode through it like Wilson does … Coach Patrick Walsh said Wilson reminds him of two NFL Hall of Fame running backs; Gale Sayers and Marcus Allen. Read the game story here.




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11 11 2011

i hear wilson gets his speed and athleticism from his mama! good write-up

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