Friday Night Lights — Week 1.5

12 09 2011

So, technically, last week was Week 0 of the prep football season. But because Week 0 look so freakin’ weird, and since I want to be fairly accurate with my accounts, I’ve labeled this week, Week 1.5. I thought two Week 1’s would be excessive and confusing.

To be perfectly honest, my weekend sucked. I’m actually writing this up as I await the damage of a busted alternator on my car, which apparently, when you own a BMW, costs an arm and a leg, quite literally. So, I’m pretty bummed out right now. Here’s a rundown of my weekend.


This was supposed to be a defensive battle, but Woodside decided to change all of that. You can read the game story here. But for the sakes of the blog, here’s some other stuff … My brother and I used to play football on Hanover Street, and we had a play we called “PURPLE,” it’s a hitch-and-go which worked to perfection almost every single time. On Friday, Woodside (QB’ed by Ricki Hoffer) used it over and over again to the same result. It’s not a hard play to defend in my opinion, because seldom does a wide receiver sell the out well enough. But the Burlingame DB, No. 24 (sorry to call you out, bro, but Hoffer said it, ‘we knew No. 24 was their weak corner) bit again and again … The lighting was kind of scary, especially when you know nothing about it and whether you’re in danger. With my luck, I figure I’m a freakin’ lighting rod … The rule with prep football is, if there is lighting and thunder, the game must be delayed 30 minutes starting from the most recent lighting strike. We waited 40 for the game to resume  … Coach Steve Nicopolous of Woodside said, “there was no way we weren’t finishing the game tonight” … Masulit isn’t a big guy, but he is quick, stays low to the ground, which makes him hard to tackle … McKee made some impressive catches …

As you may have noticed, or didn’t, I only wrote one game story on Friday. Unusual, but I was working on a follow-up to the JEFFERSON vs. MILPITAS brawl that ended up in suspensions for the Jefferson team. 15 players! And no one from Milpitas! I’m not going to scream conspiracy here, but Nathan and I both agreed that something sounded fishy. Have no idea what I’m talking about?

GO HERE. In the standings, it goes down as a 2-0 win for Pittsburgh.




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