CAIFANES (a wish list) — @WarfieldSF

16 09 2011

As we all (read, especially me) anxiously await the Caifanes concert Sunday night in San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to take a moment and speculate as to the set list. Of course, if was up to me, they’d play forever. But there are definitely some songs that I’m hoping they’ll play.

If you haven’t had a chance, there are places online that tell you the complete set list of Caifanes at VIVE LATINO and COACHELLA. The thing about those is that they were in festivals, the sets had to be shorter. Anything less than two hours on Sunday would be a crime considering the $80 people are shelling out to see the reunion.

I think Caifanes will go the VIVE route and start with “Sera por eso,” and that’s all based on a feeling. The crowd in San Francisco resembles the one in Mexico a little more. The kicker at both shows appears to be “Matenme Porque Me Muero,” and that will be musical euphoria number one of the night. No “Viento” at Coachella, but I don’t think there’s any way they leave that out in San Francisco. “Antes De Que Nos Olviden,” “Detras De Ti” … I’ll go bonkers for “Nubes” … even more bonkers for “Aqui No Es Asi,” … Probably lose my mind for “Afuera,” …

At VIVE, Caifanes did a four-song encore, which included “La Negra Tomasa.” At COACHELLA, two songs, “No Dejes Que,” ended that show. I think they’ll go the route of four songs. “Negra,” and “Celula Que Explota,” are my guesses for the songs.

A couple of things I’ll be keeping an eye on as we work the show: 1. Alejandro Marcovich, the guitarist. Honestly, the music hasn’t been the same since he left Caifanes. He sounded a little off at VIVE (thank you, YouTube), but I think some of the rust has to have worn off. 2. Saul’s voice. Guy is getting old now, can’t sing the same notes. Some of his renditions online haven’t been the best. We’ll see how he stacks up. 3. Crowd, please don’t suck. Leave your cameras at home.

Should be a fun time. Below are the set lists for both VIVE and COACHELLA. Sunday should be great.

Setlist for Vive Latino 1.Será por eso 2.Matenme por que me muero 3.Viento 4.Antes de que nos olviden 5.Los Dioses Ocultos 6.Detrás de ti 7.Nubes 8.Piedra 9.Ayer me dijo un ave 10.Aquí no es así 11.Miedo 12.Afuera 13.Nos vamos juntos 14.No dejes que 15.La célula que explota 16.La negra Tomasa 17.Negro cósmico 18.Amanece 19.Hasta morir.

Setlist for Coachella 1.Amanece 2.Matenme por que me muero 3.Nubes 4.Detrás de ti 5.Aquí no es así 6.Los Dioses Ocultos 7.Antes de que nos olviden 8.La célula que explota 9.Afuera 10.Nos vamos juntos 11.No dejes que




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