Sports Page — 9/23/2011

23 09 2011

There definitely wouldn’t be enough time to post EVERYTHING and EVERY SINGLE story I work on at the Daily Journal on July! … so I pick and choose. Kind of feed you what I like. Today, I’m sharing Page 1 of SPORTS, because I was quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Check it out. It’s below. Click for a larger view. Which I would recommend if you wanted a closer look at the newest version of the Daily Journal Top 10 Prep Football Poll.

Yup, the page came together nicely. Nathan, sports editor, caught a cold on Wednesday and said he’d miss work on Thursday. I already had a busy day planned for myself, regardless of his attendance, but that got day got way busier when he went on the DL. The page came together nicely with all the different elements. As well as, if you notice, I wrote the top three stories on the page. It was quite the day, but the end product was nice. Como decimos en Español … me gusto, bastante.




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