PAL Football — Predictions (Hmm, yeah, I’m dumb)

7 10 2011

Just in case you missed it, Menlo-Atherton and Burlingame officially kicked off the PAL regular season last night … and the Bears won. Game story is here, just in case you want to read it. But anyway, that’s not why we’re here. A couple of days ago, the Daily Journal got an email from John Mylod, Sports Director at KCEA Radio in Atherton (89.1 on your FM dials) who runs a show called “Inside the PAL” … it’s a great source for local sports information. The email went something like this:

This is John Mylod from KCEA. I need your help.
I would like to have some predictions other than my own. I only see one, maybe two games a week. You guys see more games, are closer to the action and talk to coaches after every game. I am hoping to get your picks for the 2011 league season…1 through 6 all three P.A.L. leagues. A couple other questions I hope you will answer, include:

1) Team most likely to win a CCS champ?
2) Dark horse/flying under the radar-team?
3) Best player we don’t know?
4) Toughest place to play/Biggest home field advantage?

All answers (and credit) will be given tomorrow night during “Inside the P.A.L.” (7p-9p, KCEA, 89.1fm) streaming at

Now, any sports journalist will tell you that they HATE making predictions … because realistically, there is no real way of predicting anything. Especially high school football. But, realistically, we LOVE it. Well, at least I do. Something about seeing how dumb I was when I look back at the predictions that is super awesome to me. Anyway, Nathan Mollat, my sports editor, said, “if you do it, I will” and I said, “of course I will. I thought they’d never ask.” Actually, a handful of local journalists did, and John went live with them on his radio show for the world to see. He sent us an Excel sheet with the accumulated information yesterday. Below are the results. CLICK FOR A LARGER VIEW.

As you read from the email, John asked for other things, and for the sake of time, and to keep this post brief, I’ll share my responses.

Team most likely to win CCS: I think Sacred Heart Prep is in an ideal Division and is way too good in that CCS Division not to make a serious run at another CCS title. I think Terra Nova, behind Chris Forbes, has a really good chance of repeating again. That said, if either falls into the Open Division, those chances diminish A LOT considering that there will plenty of WCAL teams waiting in there.

Dark Horse/Team Under the Radar: I don’t know if they’re under the radar, but South City has a really good chance of winning a CCS title. I’ve seen a pair of times, and coach Moro has that defense playing with confidence. Brad Los’ stock is rising very quickly and their main tail back, Anthony Shkhratov is tremendously underrated. I also think Capuchino might sneak up on some people in the Lake Division.

Best Player We Don’t Know About: It’s a shame you haven’t heard of Andrew Ho. The wide receiver from San Mateo is a stud. He could be a No. 1 wideout on ANY team in the Peninsula … BAY, LAKE, OCEAN, PUDDLE, SEA … Others include: Damien Carter (Hillsdale) … we mentioned Los … Christan Masulit (Woodside) … Joe Lasala (Carlmont) … Jeremiah Veimau (Sequoia) …

Toughest Place to Play: The consensus among the writers was >> South City High. Because it’s COLD there. They still have natural grass. It’s poorly lit. And the fans LOVE it. Haha. In terms of atmosphere, I went with Burlingame. I think it’s a great place to play a football game. Sequoia is climbing my chart rather quickly.

Good luck to all the teams. Here’s a to a safe and healthy football season.




2 responses

8 10 2011
LeeAnn Ho

Thank you for commenting on Andrew. Hope to meet you at one of his games.

8 10 2011

@LeeAnn … I’m a big fan.

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