Oktoberfest in Redwood City — 

15 10 2011

Ideally, I’d be out in Redwood City consuming large amounts of beer. But there are other pressing matters at hand, so for the time being, I’m going to share our latest project. RWC is great in hosting awesome events, Oktoberfest in RWC started last year, I went, it was great and this year, I wanted to build something for the newspaper.

This year’s project is a collaboration between Heather Murtagh (the fabulous) and Erik Oeverndiek (fabulous in his own right, haha). I did the graphic work, Heather wrote a kick ass story and Erik added his invaluable knowledge of all things brew. When you put it together, this is what you get.

Erik also took that photo you see there on his visit to Devil’s Canyon Brewery in Belmont. As you can see, there are different elements in play here, but as with any decent plan, the pieces came together OK. There is a page two, which you see below, which delves a little deeper into the beers at Oktoberfest. Again, click for a larger view.

There was one element we had to leave out because of space, it was a rundown of the different glassware you can use to drink beer. It would have been a nice touch, we just ran out of time. Oh well. Hope everyone goes out there and enjoys the beer!




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