Dan Descalso — World Series Champ

3 11 2011

Today on July!, we have an appearance by a Daily Journal regular, Terry Bernal, who’s passion is writing baseball. Terry does it well and I’m sure his passion will drive him to find a terrific gig writing about baseball 24/7.

Last week, following the St. Louis Cardinals’ World Series win, Terry took the initiative to reach out to one of his contacts, San Carlos native Dan Descalso, whom Terry had written a story about earlier in the year. I’m going to post an excerpt of that story here, because Terry deserves a shout out for a job well done. Photo below is from WHIO.COM. Yes, that’s Descalso being fed champagne by Mr. Mark McGwire.

By Terry Bernal, Daily Journal Correspondent

In the quietest moment of a wild championship ride was a sense of Dan Descalso’s entire baseball life coming full circle.

With his St. Louis Cardinals capturing the franchise’s 11th World Series championship, Descalso couldn’t have dreamt a more magical season. The San Carlos native earned the 25th spot on the Cards’ roster out of spring training, only to see his first full year in the big leagues culminate in a seven-game World Series win for the ages.

Following the pomp and circumstance of Sunday’s parade through downtown St. Louis, though, resonated an unexpected closing chapter when in a closed-door meeting, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa announced his retirement after 33 years as a big-league manager.

“I know a lot of us had a feeling it was going to be his last year,” Descalso said. “But, I don’t think we expected the announcement to come so quickly after the season was over. So, I think the timing of the decision surprised us more than the actual decision.”

La Russa’s career has always had esteemed significance in Descalso’s eyes, even before he began his professional career with the Cards organization in 2007. Growing up an A’s fan, Descalso’s first memories of going to big-league games were during La Russa’s tenure in Oakland.

Even before he can remember, Descalso was being taken to games by his father George during La Russa’s first World Championship in 1989. So, it’s fitting Descalso was on board for La Russa’s third and final title run this year. And, as he settles into his San Francisco home for the offseason, Descalso is reeling in the feeling.

“I couldn’t be better,” Descalso said. “I’m still floating on cloud nine.”

You can read the rest of Terry’s story here.






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