Athlete of the Week — Lauren Croshaw

10 11 2011

Before the football and CCS playoffs of this week consume my time, shout outs are in place to the Daily Journal Athlete of the Week, Ms. Lauren Croshaw of Aragon High school. True story, I woke up this morning in a bit of a panic wondering whether or not I had misspelled Lauren’s name in the story, mainly because her nickname is Crow … so I thought, what if it’s CROW-SHAW and not CRO-SHAW. Turns about, I worry about way too much. Anyway, Lauren won the PAL championships at Crystal Springs last week, breaking a school record in the process. Below in the picture I took of Lauren. I call it, “THE WINNING MOMENT.”

One thing I do want you to notice is Lauren’s kicks — look how fly those things are! I took a picture of them at the race, but it got deleted (FAIL). But during my interview with her, I asked about it, and this is what she said, “They come from a Runner’s Mind actually, it’s a new store in Burlingame. And they have a bunch of really awesome neon colored shorts and shoes and all that. I’ve been going there a lot recently. My favorite racing shoes are Nikes. And Runner’s Mind has a lot of nice Nikes. They have Nike Victory. So I go there and they always have the cool colors.”

The girl likes neon. Congrats on winning. Below is an excerpt to the story plus a link to read the rest. Lauren will be representing the Dons this weekend at the CCS playoffs. Good luck.

Athlete of the Week — Croshaw runs into record books
By Julio Lara, Daily Journal Staff

If it’s true that numbers don’t lie, than Lauren Croshaw is the best cross country runner in Aragon High School history.

Exhibit A is the number 17:42 — as in Croshaw’s latest time last week at the Peninsula Athletic League Championships at the Crystal Springs course in Belmont.

In winning the PAL title for the first time in her career, Croshaw broke the 14-year-old school record of 17:43 held by a Dons legend, Nicole Portley, a multiple section champion who took second in the state in 1997.

“I knew the school record was some time around where I came in at,” Croshaw said, “but I wasn’t really sure. After the race, they were like, ‘you beat it by a second,’ and I was like, ‘oh cool, that’s a plus. I never really thought about it that way, but it sounds pretty awesome.”

Croshaw, who finished second last year in the same event, held off Kylie Goo and Sarah Shreck to capture her first individual title and pace the Dons to a spot in the CCS playoffs which take place Saturday at Crystal Springs. Her time of 17:42 was 11 seconds better than Goo and 14 better than Shreck.

For her efforts, Croshaw is the Daily Journal Athlete of the Week.

Read the rest of the story here.




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