Serra in CCS Finals —

29 11 2011

I have to say, I feel pretty lucky to have been around the Serra football team since Day 1 on the 2011 season. And it’s always good to see a good group of kids execute and get super close to accomplishing a goal. I was out at Serra last Saturday to cover their semifinal game against Milipitas. I tell ya, the Trojans took it to Padres. They have some big, athletic kids at Milpitas. And come halftime, it was SUPER quiet on the Serra side of the field. And there were noticeable faces of concern. That changed following two second-half turnovers by the Trojans. But for a second there, Serra was sweating it out.

Couple of photos I took. I have to send a huge shoutout to Bret Ayoob, the statistics guru at Serra High School. Usually, we’re taking notes, crunching numbers as we watch the game. Guys like Bret, who provide us with statistics at any point of the game, make it easier to focus on taking a decent photo … as least one that is good enough to print. Above is Eric Redwood, who ran for 102 yards. Tough ones.

Erich Wilson (above) ran for 229. Beast. Stud. (Insert Epilogue Here).

Joey Erdie (above), ran for 108 yards. And played some serious strong safety. Erdie is also a very good post-game interview. Below you’ll find a small slideshow. So yeah, it’ll be M-A vs. Serra at Terra Nova High at 3 p.m. on Saturday for the whole enchilada. Yeah, we’ll be there.

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