CCS Division Finals — Serra vs. M-A (and why I like myself sometimes)

2 12 2011

Soooo, sometimes we have golden nuggets of awesome fall on our laps. As someone who is a writer by trade, but is frequently inspired by art, when the universe conspires to create an opportunity (like say, an all local championship game), you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t at least TRY to build something awesome. With Serra facing Menlo-Atherton in the CCS Division I Final Saturday at Terra Nova High School (3 p.m.), I got to doodling and building an infographic. For those who have seen my work before, (1) Thank You and (2) I think this one might be my favorite … at least of 2011. Click for a larger view.

I just half-stood from my seat and bowed a bit. Haha. It’s not very often that we decide to something a little unorthodox at the Daily Journal. When I started thinking of the idea for this graphic, I knew a double-truck spread (2 pages across) was out of the question. We just don’t have the space for it. But, I didn’t want to do anything vertical. I just didn’t feel like it would do both schools equal justice. So, I decided to take the vertical space and flip it. If the work is good, it’s a pretty simple sell. And luckily for me, I work with some bomb-ass people. Here’s what it looked like for the rest of the world when they picked up a copy of the Daily Journal today.

Yes, it’s a tad bit risky. I just walked into Starbucks though, saw a (nice) lady look at it and do the appropriate thing (you know, tilt it and give it a look … lady, you do, good job). This project in particular took me a little while. I knew we some great images from our coverage of Serra and M-A. And when it’s only two teams, it’s quite easy to split the thing down the middle. The hard part here was gathering all the details. And I must say, there are some pretty nifty things going on here that I’m pleased with.

I found these templates online and I totally dug them. The thing was taking the time to get the uniform accurate. The originals were purple, helmet was purple, and they had the complete figure. I didn’t need purple. Anyways, I think I nailed them. What you’ll realize (young graphic artist/infoartist) is that, in the grand scheme of things, there figures played a small role in the graphic. But they work, and make it cooler, because these small accurate details make these kinds of things pop.

The statistics bar was cool, too. Originally, I was going to go with four of those gray boxes, which would have been the simple thing to do. But I’ve been wanting to find more ways to display numbers than just boxes with numbers in them. I started to do that with the Giants Opening Day graphic back in April, and I wanted to continue that with this graphic. That’s where those donut graphs come in. They’re really simple do to, especially if you have a relatively new version of Microsoft Word. Just plug in some numbers and BOOM.

Lastly, the look at the schedule is just a recycled idea from the World Cup 2010 graphic I made last year. I didn’t change much, Just played with the bevel a bit more. It was actually the first part of the graphic that was done (other than the anchored images on the sides that were just a July! trademark — stenciled, overlay, a little brush work to give it that splattered look … man, I wish I was a better drawer).

Lastly, we decided to tease the infographic on the front page with a bit of art (I use that term loosely). We had a great photo from Week 1 of M-A performing the Haka. And I spotted that when I was rummaging through our images for the infographic. Once I saw it, I knew we had to find a way to use it. I fused that together with Serra’s Big 3 and BADABOOM (which is actually the name of the font), we have some A1 art.

The game is tomorrow (Saturday, 12/3) at Terra Nova. 3 p.m. kickoff. And yes, I will be there.




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