EURO 2012 — Group Draw

2 12 2011

Don’t lie, on top of flooding you with my work work stuff, you love me because you’re like, “oh, I wonder what July! is doing in his little soccer realm.” Or something to that degree. Funny you should ask. The groups for Euro 2012 have been drawn. Consider me excited, but freaking bummed. I’ll explain why in a second. First, the logo.

There is so much to go over. The Euro Cup is going to be awesome, and as you know, July! is a huge HOLLAND fan. And as such, I was hoping for relatively easy draw (not that there is one in a tournament like UEFA cup, but a guaranteed first place group finish would have been nice). Well, that didn’t happen. Not by a long shot. In fact, the Netherlands ended up in the goddamn Group of Death. Here’s how the groups broke down. Group A, you’re a joke.

Winners of the top of my head? I’ll go Russia, Poland … Netherlands, Germany … Spain, Italy … France, England … Obviously, there are guys who do this for a living that are much better predictors. Here, read this before you start making predictions >>

Predictions :

A little on the Dutch:

England’s problems:

From the best soccer mind in America:

EuroEleven analysis:

After you’ve read know that there is plenty of football to watch during the month. Here a couple of things. One, the fixtures calendar for the games. ESPN will be showing the EuroCup across their networks. I’m assuming that the times here are based on military time, so, we’ll be at bars late (looking at you, Mad Dog in the Fog) watching football.
And lastly, I found this while going through Twitter. It’s actually pretty cool to think how quickly the Euro’s were able to turn around and make a chart like this. Then again, maybe not. It’s still pretty cool.
There will be plenty to talk about before now and June 8, 2012. Can’t wait. And, HUP HOLLAND, HUP!!!!





3 responses

8 06 2012

So where can I watch it? You have no clue?

Don’t give misleading tags to your poor attempts at penmanship…

8 06 2012

Haha. Not looking to mislead. ESPN networks. If you’re in San Francisco, which is where I’m from, head over to Mad Dog in the Fog on Haight … or go to Kezar Pub.

8 06 2012

wait? I had already said, “ESPN” and “Mad Dog” in the post. I’m apologizing to myself then. What did you find misleading? And poor?

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