Letters to my Editor —

9 12 2011

Yes people, we read every single letter, every single email, and make an effort to answer every phone call. And believe me, the majority of them aren’t awesome AT ALL. After a little while you learn to develop a thicker skin when people attack your reporting and you figure it comes with the territory. I’ve been called everything from a racist, to someone that should consider a new profession, to imcompotent (that’s how they spelled it).

So yes, it’s nice to get to nice letters from readers. My reporter colleagues at the DJ get WAAAAYYY more than I do. Those guys have collections. People love them!

I’m not one of those reporters that won’t take a compliment. I freakin’ love them. I wanted to share a couple of letters we got recently at the Daily Journal. Muchas gracias to Mr. Traynor and the Schick family — and like that dude in Kill Bill No. 2 said, “I’m susceptible to flattery.” Haha.




4 responses

9 12 2011

Hey July :-),

You always do a good job and I’m looking forward to seeing you out on the pitch.

Go Bearcats!


9 12 2011

Thanks Mrs. T!
We’ll see ya out on the pitch.

11 12 2011

Good Job B! Glad to see you do get the recognition.

12 12 2011


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